Annual Income Report for 2015

This report shows the income received broken down by month converted to the base currency (MXN) using rates at the time of the transaction
Month Amount In Fees Amount Out Balance
January 2015 M$17,290.33MXN M$300.16MXN M$0.00MXN M$16,990.16MXN
February 2015 M$27,751.68MXN M$423.07MXN M$0.00MXN M$27,328.61MXN
March 2015 M$33,569.76MXN M$560.17MXN M$0.00MXN M$33,009.59MXN
April 2015 M$16,559.89MXN M$602.09MXN M$0.00MXN M$15,957.80MXN
May 2015 M$23,637.05MXN M$716.08MXN M$0.00MXN M$22,920.97MXN
June 2015 M$28,246.08MXN M$1,062.11MXN M$0.00MXN M$27,183.97MXN
July 2015 M$30,469.49MXN M$1,239.11MXN M$0.00MXN M$29,230.37MXN
August 2015 M$44,132.25MXN M$1,867.99MXN M$0.00MXN M$42,264.26MXN
September 2015 M$41,327.22MXN M$1,849.90MXN M$0.00MXN M$39,477.32MXN
October 2015 M$43,491.78MXN M$1,850.46MXN M$0.00MXN M$41,641.32MXN
November 2015 M$43,591.78MXN M$2,036.04MXN M$552.33MXN M$41,003.40MXN
December 2015 M$66,147.77MXN M$3,163.51MXN M$0.00MXN M$62,984.26MXN

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